Frequently Asked Questions

Virus Control and Protection

Covid-19 is caused by the virus known as SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19).  The CDC reports the airborne virus can travel up to 18-20 feet and can be suspended in the air as contagious virus for over 18 hours.


IVP’s biodefense filter system is the one and only proven technology to kill 99.999% of airborne COVID-19, anthrax spores (99.98%)and other airborne pathogens, such as influenza, rhinovirus and other pandemic causing biological species.

IVP’s biodefense filter mitigates person-to-person transmission of airborne contagion through introducing the cleanest, freshest, virus-free air possible, to indoor environments.  The technology does not replace CDC guidelines for physical distancing, mask wearing or surface disinfection.

Forced airflow will limit particulate that rests on surfaces, drawing them into the filtration system and removing any viable virus that may be in the air we breathe. The best method for destroying surface viruses is with surface cleaning.

IVP’s patent pending technology has been proven at the Galveston National Laboratory to destroy 99.999% of COVID-19, instantaneously with a single pass, without impacting the ambient air temperature. The core technology inside of IVP devices is a specialized heated filtration filter meeting ASHRAE standards.  It also destroys anthrax spores (99.98%) in the same tests, on contact.  No other existing air filter can catch and kill airborne COVID-19, instantaneously.

IVP devices are permitted to be sold according to FDA guidelines. Our technology has been tested and endorsed by CPR Engineering (FDA certified), Air Balance,UTMB Galveston National Lab, Texas A&M University Engineering ExperimentStation, Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston(TcSUH), and endorsed by MIT and Argonne National Lab.  You can find more information about our research here.

Installation and Maintenance

IVP products have been extensively tested in reputable labs, and proven to catch and kill COVID-19 and anthrax spores in a single pass. Particulate counters installed in the system will be able to monitor effective filtration, ventilation and VOC ppb.

IVP stands behind our technology. All our mobile units come with a lifetime warranty, and our filters come with a two-year warranty.

Yes. IVP has developed mobile devices and HVAC filters that can be retrofitted or forward fitted, in-line, into any existing residential or commercial system.  The biodefense filter uses three-phase power and has separate controls from the main HVAC system. The biodefense system also replaces current MERV or other filters in the system to avoid static pressure rise and increased power requirements.

The ideal location for any mobile IVP device should be near high-traffic areas with clear access to the intake and exhaust fans. It is not necessary to place the devices near AC and heating vents.

Yes. We have three mobile devices; the r1, s1 and v1. These can be easily moved between residential and commercial locations. Our r1 room device is portable and can be moved between any room in a home or office and is light enough to be carried up or down stairs. We also offer a model that can mounted to walls. Our s1 school and v1 venue devices are designed for commercial locations and can be easily moved between rooms or offices.

r1 room is for residential, clinical or office locations and with its powerful circulation disinfect the air in a 1000 square foot area every 15 minutes, using approx. 550 CFM.


v1 venue is for large commercial spaces and can re-circulate the air 8-10 times an hour in a 30,000 cubic foot space with its 1800 CFM.


t1 personal device can be used for travel in hotel rooms, office spaces, and residential use for areas 250-500 sq feet.


The IVP HVAC filter can be retrofitted into any existing residential or commercial location and can maintain the same level of air circulation as the existing system without putting undue burden on the fan speed.

Installation does not currently require integration with the building automation system, however, it can have this capability. We install pre and post aerosol COVID measurement systems as well as air IQ lasers to determine VOC PPV, filtration and ventilation.

Each filter is fire rated for at least 1000°F.  There is an auto shutoff on the device if the temperature rises above 300°F and has smoke detectors and flow meters for surveillance.

There is little maintenance required for IVP’s family of devices. We recommend that the primary filter be replaced every 1-2 years. The pre-filter should be washed every 3 months.

The IVP HVAC filter should be changed every 2 years. Our team will assist with this maintenance.  The mobile units are plug and purify and only require wipe down of the outside with antibacterial wipes. 

The filters should be changed as recommended, however, other than maintaining a clean device, no additional maintenance is required. If you have any service issues you can contact IVP here.

IVP’s technology ensures that there are no active/living viruses contained on or within the filter. While there is nothing toxic within the filter, it is important to properly dispose of filters in accordance with your state and local laws. Place the filter in an airtight container or bag before disposal and always wear personal protection equipment as advised.

Primary filters should be replaced every two years. See user’s guide for additional details.

No. IVP has designed these devices to allow for simple operation and are optimized for maximum efficiency.

IVP’s HVAC filters can be easily retrofitted into an existing system.  IVP’s installation and HVAC engineering team will be onsite for this process and assist with maintenance follow-up.
IVP’s mobile units are easily unpacked and placed into any sized room. Refer to user’s guide for set-up and room placement recommendations.

Technical Specifications

Mobile units typically use 110 V and ~ 15 Amps single phase. In rare situations, 220 V and between 20 and 30 Amps may be necessary, depending on the electrical requirements of the building.

All IVP devices operate with standard 120V power supply. The energy consumption varies depending on the size and CFM of the device.

Each room is unique and will circulate the air differently, however, an s1 school can circulate the air up to 30,000 ft3, 8-10 times per hour.

Ionization air purifiers are expensive and can take up to 24 hours to circulate the air in a single room. IVP’s devices are the only products scientifically proven to catch and kill 99.999% of COVID-19 and 99.98% of anthrax spores inx a single pass. This means that multiple passes through the filter is not necessary to kill the virus.


Yes. Because of the powerful circulation and ability to destroy viruses on contact, all of our devices help to minimize the number of viruses and particles that will eventually rest on surfaces.

The heating process in the filter is self-contained within the system and has been proven to not affect the ambient air temperature of the room.

IVP’s devices are air filters and cleaners.They have no impact on the ambient temperature or humidity level of the room.

IVP devices do not use UVC light, as the patent pending heated filter destroys all viruses instantaneously and more effectively than UVC or related technologies that rely on recirculation of the air and duration of time to be effective.

The r1 device operates at 35-45 decibels, which is a low volume hum and is not disturbing. There are many devices currently operating in schools and commercial spaces without any noise issues. There is a quiet mode on the v1 mobile units for in-classroom instruction.

Research has shown that some viruses and spores can be captured in HEPA and other filters. However, under these circumstances, the virus remains active and can be dislodged and recirculated through AC or heating systems. IVP’s heated filter destroys airborne COVID-19 instantaneously, in a single pass. HEPA systems can also serve as biohazards and an avenue for replication of the virus if attached to water droplets or vapor (CDC).

The heated HEPA biodefense system replaces the current filters in the existing HVAC system. Testing in systems show a static drop pressure of 0.8 to 1.0 inches water height at 500 feet per minute air velocity. This does not increase the work power of the fan which also has a very low energy consumption.